Good Mounting Manners & Problem Foot Handling by Frank Bell

Good Mounting Manners & Problem Foot Handling
Frank Bell

Tired of horses walking off when mounting?

Watch this amazing transformation as Frank takes this huge runaway Abshire from a completely intimidating brute who literally runs off as his owner mounts, to standing perfectly still as first Frank, then the owner mounts from a mounting block. This is actual uncut footage and absolutely invaluable for those with a severe problem. He then works with two Appaloosas who have had bad mounting manners, first at home in the round pen, then at the trail head.

Mounting manners are of utmost importance. If there is disrespect and lack of communication while mounting, what will take place in the saddle? This DVD will help you and your horse achieve perfection while mounting.

"For years my horse had been leaving as I mounted, and I just didn't know how to fix it. Frank's straight forward approach helped us both in minutes. Not only does my horse stand perfectly still while I mount, but now listens more attentively while out riding. Thanks Frank!"
George Clease - Michigan


Far too many horses have issues when the time comes to work with their feet. When the farrier arrives, the circus begins. Sometimes it is downright Dangerous for the owner and/or farrier. there is a very direct approach to helping the horse and handler build confidence and work through this far too common problem. Learn Frank's step-by-step procedure, then put these techniques right to work as you and your horse work as partners, instead of adversaries.

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