Introduction to the Hackamore by Benny Guitron

Introduction to the Hackamore
Benny Guitron

Training DVD by master reinsman, Benny Guitron

With many world champion horses and riders to his credit, Benny Guitron has become one of the western horse world's most respected and Accomplished trainers and teachers. Now, for the first time, he shares his method for beginning the traditional hackamore training that culminates in a supple, compliant, obedient, willing bridle horse.

This one-hour DVD takes you step-by-step through the selection and introduction of the hackamore for a young horse, or horse new to the Hackamore. Guitron's practical instruction, clear demonstration, and expert hints and tips will help any horseman be successful in introducing the hackamore.

Highlights include:

- Selecting, tying, fitting, and adjusting the hackamore
- Why any- and every- horse can benefit from hackamore training
- How to keep your horse comfortable and relaxed while learning
- Groundwork exercises for flexion and suppleness
- Mounted tips and hand positions to develop feel and sensitivity

Not since Ed Connell's classic volume Hackamore Reinsman was published in 1952 has there been such a clearly-illustrated commonsense approach to hackamore training. Novices and professionals alike will benefit from Benny Guitron's straightforward approach to selecting the proper hackamore and using it wisely.

About Benny

"Benny grew up around some awful good horsemen." Guitron trained out of Ingersoll's Pleasant Grove, California facility for awhile in the 60's. "Jimmy Williams, Harold Farren, Red Neal, Don Dodge, Tony Amaral. Benny always liked their image, and he decided that when he was old enough, he was going to do it their way."

When Guitron's father passed away in 1968, his desire to become a professional horseman crystallized. He called his idol, Amaral, and asked for a job. "I wanted to be like Tony and the other horsemen in northern California, where the emphasis was on ranching and cattle work," Guitron says. "I wanted to be a cowboy." And a well-rounded cowboy at that, the kind who knows a horse inside and out, and understands every aspect of the horse business. Though he may not have fully understood it at the time, young Benny wanted to become not just a showman, but a Horseman.

In the year or so he spent with Amaral, first in Moraga, California, and later at the horseman's own ranch in Byron, California, Guitron learned all about the traditional Spanish vaquero method of starting a horse. That time-honored program starts with a snaffle bit, proceeds through a hackamore and a shank-bit-and-bosal combination, finally graduating years later to a full spade bit. Guitron was an apt pupil of this method, especially when it came to using the bitless equipment.

"He's really good with a hackamore, which is becoming a lost art," observes top all-around trainer Bob Avila, who showed on the open circuit with Guitron and worked at Amaral's at about the same time Guitron did. Today, more than three dozen well-used hackamores hang on a circular rack in the tack room of Guitron's Merced, California training facility.

Major Accomplishments:
- 1976 National Reined Cow Horse Association World Championship Snaffle Bit Futurity winner on Kit's Smoke.
- 1979 NRCHA Bridle Horse Championship winner on Kit's Smoke.
- 1979 World Championship All-Around Stock Horse contest winner on Kit's Smoke; only rider to make the finals of this event every year entered (six times.)
- Finalist at every major cow horse snaffle bit futurity (in addition to NRCHA) the Arizona SBF in Scottsdale (1982 champion on Doc's Rock) the Idaho SBF in Caldwell, the Oregon SBF in Medford, the California SBF in Tulare, and the Reno SBF in Nevada.
- Two-time winner of the NRCHA Snaffle Bit maturity: Tucker Mud Doc in 1980; Political Smoker in 1981.
- 1983 NRCHA Hackamore Maturity winner on Minnie Smoke.
- Four open-division wins at the American Quarter Horse Association World Show: Bueno Coyote, junior reining, 1988; Bankers Express, junior cow horse, 1990 and 1992; Made To Boogie, senior cow horse, 1995. Several AQHA world championships won by youth and amateur clients.

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