The Visible Horse: Anatomy in Motion  by Susan Harris

The Visible Horse: Anatomy in Motion
Susan Harris

Anatomy in Motion: The Visible Horse is a unique demonstration by Susan Harris, in which she paints the muscles and skeletal system on a living horse to show how the anatomy of the horse works in motion at all gaits. The skeletal system, painted on one side, demonstrates the structure and movement of the body and limbs. On the other side, the colorfully painted major muscle groups show how the "circle of muscles" works to produce good movement and balance. As the horse works on the longe line, it's easy to see and understand the function of the bones and muscles, what causes good and poor movement, and common causes of movement problems.

The Visible Horse demo has been presented at major equine expos and clinics in North America, Europe and Australia, including Equitana USA, Equitana Asia- Pacific, Equineaffaire, Ride With the Stars Super Clinics, and the Quarter Horse Congress.

The Visible Horse, an Inside Look at Conformation, is a new presentation that uses the painted horse to look at the horse's skeletal structure, the foundation of conformation. When you look at bone structure, shoulder angles, and proportions with "x-ray eyes," you view conformation, movement and soundness with a new understanding. It's also easier to identify blemishes and unsoundnesses when you see the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments on a living horse.

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