Relaxed Riding Volume 1 by Wrangler Jayne

Relaxed Riding Volume 1
Wrangler Jayne

If you've ever dreamed of riding your horse using the power of your focus, the strength of your breathing, and the magic of your body language, this first in the series is for you! Relaxed Riding is safe, fun and feels fantastic!

In this first DVD set, be inspired how to do it - in the saddle, bareback, and without a bit! - and get detailed practical instruction that will build your confidence and skills! This is a natural continuation of what you've done in Essentials 1, 2 & 3!

DVD # 1
Introduction & Getting Ready
Check Your Brakes
Moving Your Horse Around
Time to Mount Up
Polite Saddling
Preparing to Mount

DVD # 2

Review & Continue Mounting
Getting Moving
Turning & Stopping
Bareback & Yields
The Value of Balance & Lightness
Demonstrating: Forward, Turn, Halt

DVD # 3

Back up
Revisit Bend & Stop From a Walk
Desensitizing to the Tarp
Through the Poles
Riding Along the Fence

About Wrangler Jayne:

Born in Australia, Wrangler Jayne is a respected trainer in the world of natural horsemanship, having been influenced mainly by American trainer and educator, Pat Parelli, and master horseman, Australian Philip Nye. As Jayne’s mentor and teacher, Philip has had a huge influence on her horsemanship skills and ultimately, on the development of her own unique program of True and Natural Horsemanship, Horsemanship with Heart.

As a natural evolution of her beliefs and principles, Horsemanship with Heart encompasses the whole horse, not just his education, behaviour and psychology. Jayne is a dedicated advocate of bare hooves, bit-free communication and natural horse keeping, and does not lend her support to organizations or industries that exploit the horse’s rights, such as horse racing.

Jayne has a professional business background in the area of personal motivation and self-development, which she has incorporated into her educational program, and through the release of her DVDs and CDs, has gained the respect of her peers and the dedication of students around the world.

Jayne has been described as having “outstanding knowledge and ability, dedication, passion, belief, contagious enthusiasm, sensitivity and understanding” - and it is all this that makes her an outstanding horsewoman and - as an instructor - an enduring influence.

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