Hackamore (Bosal) Training by Dick Pieper

Hackamore (Bosal) Training
Dick Pieper

When it’s done the right way, a horse that’s been trained in the hackamore (bosal) will be the lightest, most responsive horse you’ll ever ride. That’s because, when you use a hackamore, you can’t force a horse to perform. He must be taught.

Strong-arm tactics that you can get away with when using a bit just won’t work with a hackamore. Because of this, hackamore training usually produces a horse that is more confident, supple, light and responsive.

In this DVD, top reining horse trainer Dick Pieper demonstrates the techniques he uses to get his horses “finger tip” light without the use of force. Master these simple techniques and you’ll be amazed at what you can get your horse to do.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn…

What the difference is between a good hackamore and a bad hackamore. (Very important)
What size hackamore you should get and how to adjust it on your horse’s head.

How to use your hands and legs to get your horse supple and light.

A technique for handling the reins to teach your horse to give his head without a fight.

How to teach your horse to flex at the poll using the hackamore.

How to teach your horse to move off leg pressure.

The proper way of teaching your horse correct circles. (Very detailed)

How to teach your horse to stop with just a light touch of one rein. (You’ve probably never seen this method before)

How to teach your horse to spin using the hackamore.

The #1 mistake horses make when learning to spin.

How to teach your horse to cross his front legs for smooth spins.

How to get your horse to plant his inside pivot foot while spinning. (It’s easier than you might think)

The important thing to realize about this DVD is that it shows you an alternative training technique. If you’ve been having problems teaching your horse to be light and correct, you may find the answer to those problems in this video.

Dick does an excellent job of explaining the proper sequence of the training. That is, he shows you step #1, then step #2 and when to go to step #3 etc. You’ll have a clear understanding of how to put a solid foundation on your horse. And, how to build on that foundation until your horse is naturally sliding and spinning.

Approximate running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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