A Matter of Trust: Vol. 4 by Walter Zettl

A Matter of Trust: Vol. 4
Walter Zettl

Volume IV covers the classical approach to the highest-level movements of dressage, including piaffe, passage, one tempi and two tempi changes, as well as the lateral movements.

144 minutes

Walter A. Zettl is a life-long equestrian with over 57 years of experience in riding and coaching some of the world's finest horses and students. A resident of Canada, he travels abroad teaching his life's work to equine enthusiasts all over the world.

Mr. Zettl's many successes include coaching at international level competitions such as the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, as well as coaching at the North American Young Riders' Championship.

Mr. Zettl is the author of Dressage In Harmony (1998 Half Halt Press) and countless articles published both domestically and in Europe. His knowledge of classical dressage is unsurpassed.

In the video series, A Matter of Trust, Walter A. Zettl elaborates on the theory classical masters have used for centuries. His approach re-defines correct training methods, proper movements and carriage of the horse.

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