Connection : All the Elements Are Here... by Ryan Gingerich

Connection : All the Elements Are Here...
Ryan Gingerich

Welcome to Connective Horsemanship and the fifth element of the most Innovative Training Programs in America.

Enjoy the new interactive functions that allow you to move through different subject areas with a click of your remote.

Connection is the advanced application of everything you and your horse have learned to this point:

• What was yield your hips now becomes a side pass or diagonal.
• What was go and flexion can now be a rollback.
• You will also learn “The Clock” – The ultimate in skill evaluation and teaching for you and your horse.
• And much more…

Connection is not the end…it is a new beginning!

Basic Control, Lightness, Rhythm, Line and Connection are the Five Elements of the Connective Horsemanship DVD series.

About Ryan

From his days riding his ‘stick horse’ and playing the Lone Ranger to the animals on his Grandfather’s Indiana farm, Ryan Gingerich has a love of horses that seems to transcend the normal horse and rider relationship. His ability to get into ‘the mind of the horse’ allows him to rehabilitate horses others have decided are hopeless. He often says, there are no bad horses, only bad training.

Ryan began his professional horse career as a trail guide. His love affair with the horse then led him to complete a national certification program where he continued working after graduation. His ability to work with troubled horses was put to good use there, and he continued to develop the bond with these horses that today has him branded as ‘The Behaviorist’. This title is well earned not only through his natural ability but through study and the application of scientific research into horse behavior. Ryan frequently refers to Dr. Andrew Mclean, Director of the Australian Equine Behavior Centre. Dr. McLean was so impressed by his communications with Ryan that he paid his own way to the United States to work with Ryan in person. They continue to share knowledge.

Ryan has developed his training program, Connective Horsemanship, using a marriage of science and tradition. His five elements of Connective Horsemanship offer a simple language for the rider and the horse. These five elements consist of Basic Control, Lightness, Rhythm, Line and Connection. This language, used exclusivly by Ryan and his students, requires that the horse need give only one response to one cue. When used correctly, Ryan's methods lead to a “deletion” of the incorrect behavior. This eliminates confusion in the horse and owner helping both to relax and learn. Ryan uses this technique to rehabilitate horses with behaviors that range from bolting and bucking to buddy sour. His method crosses all disciplines and is used at his National Equine Behavior Center in Troy, Missouri to rehabilitate every breed of horse from off track Thoroughbreds to Quarter horses.

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