In Hand Work for Young Dressage Horses : Part 1 by Fritz Stahlecker

In Hand Work for Young Dressage Horses : Part 1
Fritz Stahlecker

Horses are like children: Their ability to learn is greater in the first years of their life. When horses are carefully and gently trained in-hand early on, their natural qualities of athleticism and charisma are developed, which allows for the potential of “perfection” in later training.

With his exceptional Hand-Saddle-Hand (HSH) Method, Fritz Stahlecker shows how to train dressage movements—from basic to advanced—with three-year-old horses. He does so gently, without any stress, and all the while keeping in mind important psychological impacts of the work. Using Stahlecker’s method, when the horse is backed at the age of four, he will already know the under saddle exercises and will have developed the necessary muscles to carry a rider. Even after the horse is ridden, Stahlecker continues to train collection and cadence in-hand, which is ideal for the body and the soul of the horse.

Riding without a strong influence from the hands is what every rider should strive for. By working in-hand first, the young horse learns basic exercises without the rider's weight on his back and without a bit in his mouth. His mind is challenged, yet potential for resistance is avoided. Without wrong movements, no tension is created. Ultimately, the horse is ready for high performance training. All those who prefer to focus on aesthetics and creativity rather than the use of force and strength when training dressage horses will love this DVD series.

Fritz Stahleckerhas worked with horses, including many “problem” horses, since he was a child. He believes that many of today’s training problems stem from an incorrect or even a violent use of the reins. With this as his premise, he has developed his own training method (HSH) and with it has successfully trained many horses up to advanced levels of dressage.

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