Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses by Jack Meagher

Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses
Jack Meagher

Jack Meagher developed a system for horses as well as human athletes over forty years that encompassed how to be as good as possible, as safe as possible and how to last as long as possible. While he was tending Olympic mounts and European royalty throughout his career, Jack was creating a legacy of keen knowledge that he generously shared wherever he went. While prevention is the bets possible key to a road of glory and comfort for the horse by derailing a projected muscle injury before it sets in, as Jack details here in the DVD with a lot of technical detail, the treatment and development of the actual injury is a counterpoint that Jack addresses with specific advice and meaningful positive results and recovery.

This DVD is a readily available format that you can resource time and again with a special emphasis on the horse. The information is in depth and you will need to go through it several times before taking clear action for your horse. As your understanding increases and you assimilate not just the way to treat muscle injuries but the background behind the musculature of the horse and it's proper safe development, you will find yourself pulling this DVD off the shelf on a regular basis to refer back to and to share with others. A must have for the serious competitor. A master in his time, Jack gives you the way forward to treat injuries past and present and hopefully prevent some too that may be caused by over strain or overexertion otherwise.

72 minutes duration.

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