Movement Awareness for Riders  by Eckart Meyners

Movement Awareness for Riders
Eckart Meyners

n this film you will discover just how simple it is to improve your riding skills with solutions for typical riding problems, in addition to various warm up programmes for riders. In his role as sports scientist, Eckart Meyners has developed an exercise programme beginning where most riders experience difficulties, i.e. they are tense and transfer this negative tension to their horse. Right from the outset, this 6 point programme, which is designed to help the rider achieve better coordination and a more relaxed seat, has a noticeable impact in terms of removing tension, blockages and muscular imbalance.

Eckart Meyners lectures in Sports Physiology and Movement at the University of Luneberg in Germany and has been researching the mechanics of movement in relation to horse riding for over thirty years. He trains riders, riding instructors and judges for the German Equestrian Association (FN) as well as teaching courses all over the world.

Heike Kemmer, winner of the olympic dressage individual bronze medal and team gold is trained by Eckart Meyners and demonstrates several of the warm up programmes.

Approx running time 70 mins

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Beginner Level
Fitness/Horse & Rider

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