Softouch Natural Hoof Care : Barefoot Trimming by Phil Morarre

Softouch Natural Hoof Care : Barefoot Trimming
Phil Morarre

Softouch Natural Hoof Care : Barefoot Trimming

Phil's most comprehensive guide to trimming and maintaining healthy natural feet on your horses. 105 minutes of thorough and engaging presentation.

Natural hoof care specialist Phil Morarre teaches you both the how's and why's of going barefoot, addressing everything from diet and lifestyle, to how to safely use a 3 lb. power grinder instead of labor-intensive hand tools to make the task of achieving a physiologically correct trim much easier.

Guided by a horse-loving female host who participates as a first-time student to help viewers at home relate, this DVD is sure to build confidence in any dedicated horse owner interested in bettering their horses' well-being and performance with natural hoof care.

Some of the comprehensive topics and issues addressed:

- Mechanics of the horse's foot
- Benefits of going barefoot
- Foot problems and lameness
- Fixing problems with a correct trim
- Founder, Laminities, ringbone, navicular
- Making the transition from horses shoes
- Why use a power angle grinder to trim
- Why learn to do this on your own
- Overall horse health, diet & lifestyle
- Using horse boots
- How to use a power grinder safely
- Suggested equipment for trimming
- How to choose the right grinder
- Introducing the grinder to your horse
- Dealing with an anxious or unruly horse
- Tips and tricks for trimming
- Handling your horse's legs
- Tips for your posture
- Using the hoof stand
- Heel heights
- Foot proportions and length
- Overgrown feet
- How a trimmed foot should look
- Some of Phil's students and fellow trimmers
- Considering a new career
- Further resources for continued learning

105 minutes

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