Training The Versatile Ranch Horse with Van Hargis  by Van Hargis

Training The Versatile Ranch Horse with Van Hargis
Van Hargis

Ranch Riding, Trail Riding, Cutting and the Working Ranch Horse on Horse DVD.

Enjoy this extensive package of all you need to know to make sure your horse is the best versatility ranch horse around. Van Hargis guides you expertly through all facets of the process from starting the horse in true forward movement, lateral work and stopping, smooth transitions to the advanced cow work and pattern work.

The work is set up in four DVD volumes as follows:-

Ranch Riding Volume 1 - Disc #1

Van works the in depth fundamentals of ranch riding. Working on forward movement and smooth transitions, through stopping and correct working of all three gaits, walk, trot and lope. The lateral work is begun and the way to manipulate the horse into correct lead departures, good collections and even cadence are addressed.

Ranch Trail Volume 2 - Disc #2

Here Van shows you how to guide your horse to overcome fears and instill trust and confidence. You will learn how to train your horse to quietly accept common ranch tasks such as logging and dragging, hobbling, how to start work with a rope and open gates.

Ranch Cutting Volume 3 - Disc #3

Van demonstrates how to develop the needed skills for cattle work including sorting and cutting, driving and penning a cow. Also a lesson in how to read cattle and how to ensure your horse is always keen and willing as well as able to work as a cutting horse.

Working Ranch Horse Volume 4 - Disc #4

The essence of an advanced ranch horse is his reliability and good behavior at all times and Van teaches how to work your horse in patterns and groundwork as well as cow work while keeping the horse happy. The correct training to the bridle and the development of true athletic ability is achieved through the pattern work and Van takes the horse to the next level showcasing the finished horse following this work.

American born Van Hargis spent some time in New Zealand honing his skills before returning to the USA to confirm his reputation as a leader in the trainer of young horses and the making of the versatility horse. The work began for him tutoring saddle maker Billy Cook's horse and took off from there. Working in his usual calm and respectful manner to the horse, Van Hargis exhibits his training throughout these volumes with an efficient and kind approach. The work is accurate and measured to the individual horse and all aspects of the making of a super useful and happy ranch horse are completed. A great compendium of information is at your fingertips here and well worth your time as your education from one of the leaders in this field will enhance your work and affirm good results for our partner, the horse.

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Cutting/Cow Horse
Ranch Roping
Trail Riding

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