Dressage : Right From The Start by Mike Schaffer

Dressage : Right From The Start
Mike Schaffer

Are you stuck at training or first level? Have been for years? If so, you can change your horse today using the ground exercises and techniques shown in this video.

This video is based on the book, "Right From the Start - Create a Sane, Safe, Well Balanced Horse". A book that has helped thousands of riders from all over the world improve their horses. It shows three of the most important training techniques that you can do with your horse to help him learn how to be the soft, loose, balanced horse you want him to be. These are not magic formulas that will work in weeks, months, or years - you can see real improvements today!

This is low glitz high content material. Most of the footage is from clinics with Mike working horses like yours and helping riders like you. These are things you can do now to improve your horse and riding so dressage becomes the pleasurable, fun activity that you always wanted it to be.

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