Ride Safely on the Trail by Stacy Westfall

Ride Safely on the Trail
Stacy Westfall

This 95 minute DVD features Stacy Westfall's instructions on how to ride safely and the importance of safety when handling horses on and off the trail. Its the perfect DVD for 4-H Horse Groups or for those people just starting out in the horse world to learn how to ride and how to handle a horse safely from the saddle and on the ground.

This DVD is packed full of great information. Shipped in a bubble mailer.

Chapter #1 - Introduction

This section gives you and overview of the topics covered in the DVD

Chapter #2 - Important Safety Tips

This chapter provides a wide range of safety tips to keep in mind before you hit the trail.

Chapter #3 - Training on the Trail

Stacy covers many common problems horse and rider may encounter on the trail. You'll learn about forward movement with helpful tips on crossing streams and mud. You'll also learn the proper seat position and its role in going up and down hills as well as an in-depth look at the one-rein stop.

Chapter #4 - In the Arena

Stacy will show you a variety of arena training exercises that will help prepare you for the trail. You will Stacy demonstrate bending with a lunge whip or a stick and string exercises with a ball that can help control your horse's emotions. She'll also reenact scenarios you may encounter on the trail. Very helpful information!!

Chapter #5 - Back on the Trail

Stacy will take you back to the trail to apply the previous chapter's arena exercises to real-life trail situations .

This DVD is great for any level of rider and will help with problem horses and new riders. It is a very educational video...great for those who don't even trail ride!!

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