Cutting: Just the Basics  by Bill Riddle

Cutting: Just the Basics
Bill Riddle

Bill Riddle operates on 160 acres devoted exclusively to the training of Cutting Horses. Bill has won in excess of $3.8 Million as a Cutting Horse showman. Yet, he is better known for his ability to train horses that are easy to show, as well as teaching others how to show them. In this DVD set, he explains the basic skills and thinking process to be a winner.

This DVD set is a great aide in helping cutting horse enthusiasts learn the finer points of the all so necessary basics of riding and showing cutting horses. The presentation is quite easy to watch and learn from and keeps the viewer entertained as well as engaged in the learning process. Bill Riddle is an excellent clinician and his easy going manner makes the participants feel at ease, yet challenges them to take his advice to see the benefits.

From the backward countdown while cutting a cow to his "eyeball to eyeball" technique, his approach is simple for anyone to understand and to use the very next time they are on their horse. This DVD set is beneficial to all cutters who want to improve their riding and showmanship skills. After all, the basics presented are the foundation building blocks for marking higher scores!

DVD Contents:

DVD #1

Proper Stirrup Length
Best Way to Grip the Saddle Horn
The "Cutters Slump"
Correct Use of the Reining Hand
What to do When Disaster Strikes

Importance of the Stop
Stopping Correctly
Using the "Eyeball to Eyeball" Technique
Staying on Target with the Cow

How to Play Offense and Defense While Cutting
Working Off the "Imaginary Line"
How to Solve the Bad Habit of Leaning

DVD # 2

Importance of Good Herdwork
Using the "Bubble Theory" to Your Advantage

Selecting the Right Jobs
How to Straighten Your Reins
When to Quit a Cow
Dying in the Herd
The Thermometer Theory
Proper Attire
Using Your Legs

About Bill:

Bill Riddle has been a professional cutting horse trainer for 30 years. In that time horses he’s trained and shown have won in excess of $3,740,000 in the cutting show arena. His customer’s have won an additional $2,100,000. Bill was a history teacher for 10 years prior to becoming a cutting horse trainer. That teaching experience, has allowed him to be one of the industry’s premier instructors. His clinics have been well attended since the first one in 1984. He has conducted clinics in Texas, New Mexico, California, Ohio, Idaho, Oklahoma, Canada, and Australia. Highly respected by his peers, Bill has served the National Cutting Horse Association at every level. He has been an area director, and chaired both the Limited Age Committee and the Sales Committee. He has served as Vice President of the NCHA two times and as President for the 2007 term. Bill wrote the original Casebook used by the NCHA Judges Department to train judges.

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