Saddle Up : Despooking by Dennis Brouse

Saddle Up : Despooking
Dennis Brouse

In this DVD, Dennis will guide you through his simple, safe and effective technique to despook your horse to everything from loud noises to flapping tarps. His methods can be applied to anything your horse shies or spooks at and will make your horse much more trusting of you and much safer to ride.

This DVD is part of a 5 DVD series. Each DVD is a separate full-length, two-hour lesson. Dennis has developed a complete training program for your horse.

Overview and Demonstrations
On each DVD, Dennis starts by clearly explaining what his methods are, why they work, and how to apply them to your horse. He then follows up with several different, highly detailed demonstrations that teach you his techniques.

Hands-on Lessons
Next, Dennis works with real horses and their owners. Here you'll learn how to apply his techniques to real world situations, how to measure progress with your horse and how to build a strong bong between you and your horse.

Closing Thoughts
In this section, Dennis reviews his techniques and recaps his lessons, helping you feel confident in using his techniques.

About Dennis:

Dennis has committed his life to working full time with horses since 1996. He's spent literally thousands of hours working one-on-one with horses to fine tune his own system, as well as studying the training methods of others.

In 2000, Dennis began to offer training clinics, and within two years he had produced his first series of training tapes. Within a short time period, he had also produced 12 televised episodes that aired on RFD-TV. Soon thereafter, Dennis founded Changing Horses, LLC, and for the past several years, he has worked to create a program about horses that offers a broader perspective (far beyond training methods) to a wider audience. The result is Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse, an exciting program that he developed in early 2009.

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