Preparing the Horse by Jimmy Williams

Preparing the Horse
Jimmy Williams

" Ask for a lot, receive a little, and reward often."

A neat quote from renowned horseman Jimmy Williams. Here he gives a jampacked 60 minutes of super help on how to best improve your horse with proper conditioning through dressage training plus advice on bits; their type and use; how to remedy tongue issues and other problem areas with the horse.

There is help here with just how to tackle the water jump correctly, again invaluable help, plus how to balance the horse and how to teach your horse the stock type technique as a jumper to aid in tight turns and more. Jimmy Williams brings fifty years of experience and he has had six of his students become members of the United States Equestrian Team. A phenomenal achievement. This DVD is like having a lesson with him in person. His directives are clear and succinct and easy to apply for any rider.

Excellent help here. Your horse will thank you and as you enter the ring you will feel much more confident following implementing this advice.

This is a super progression program that you can easily use to make certain your next time in the ring is smoother, that the results are more consistently good, and above all, that your horse fully understands what you are asking and has the tools you have trained into him that enable him to answer the keenest of demands. Super Jimmy Williams advice. A wise investment. Lots of other titles of his here in the store so don't miss out.

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