Pleasure Riding 101 by Joel Martens

Pleasure Riding 101
Joel Martens

Finally... a riding DVD that answers both the how and why!

Getting started or getting back to riding? This is a great help for the trail rider from trainer Joel Martens.

Joel Martens answers the questions here that the beginner rider or the returning rider might have concerning communication with the horse. He deftly points out the exact aids to use to achieve the different gaits and the desired responses in your horse when out riding on the trail. The material is very specific and teaches you how to work accurately in the saddle to achieve a happier and more obedient horse.

A much needed help for the starter rider, vacation rider or returning Western rider. Joel takes you on his trail to learning good basics of communication that will help ensure a safe and happy experience in the saddle. Certainly recommend it for good help on a good start up.

This title is in the following categories:

Beginner Level
Trail Riding
WESTERN - Under Saddle

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